About David

Born in 1985, after an eight year stint in the stock brokerage industry, David Zheng decided to leave his career to pursue his passion for the fine arts. He chose photography as his medium for expression. In early 2017, he traveled to Cuba where he created his first body of work which was eventually recognized and published by several publications.

Photographing in urban environments, his depiction of space and urban culture is often abstracted and disconnected from its realties, transporting the viewer's perceptions into a different dimension.


International Center of Photography, New York

Assistant to Renato D'Agostin, New York

Features and Publications

Lomography, 2017: A NYC Lens: A New View on Cuba with David Zheng

C41 Magazine, 2017: Another Cuba: David Zheng looks for the real country behind the clichè

Positive Magazine, 2017: Cuba: after the blockade

Vilda Magazine, 2017: Style in Transit



Email: studio@davidzhengstudio.com