Reveries-Book (Preorder)


Reveries-Book (Preorder)


Preorder a copy of Reveries book.

2018 - Currently in Production (December 2018 expected delivery)

Photography by David Zheng

Text by Serge J-F. Levy

Hardcover Davey Board, 11x7”, 40 pages

Edition of 300

In early 2018, American photographer, David Zheng traveled to Guangzhou, China. Having been 24 years since his last visit to his ancestral city, David was drawn in by the cultural reinvention of China. While the vigor of the city is undeniable, there was a quiet energy that David sensed from its people. An energy of contemplation for the future and reflection of the past, and an ambivalent attitude towards transitioning from one cultural era to the next. By extracting from experiences and stories during David’s time in Guangzhou, the photographs offer a gateway through the subconscious and a journey through a sequence of Reveries as seen through a protagonist caught between two worlds.

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